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We strive to offer unique and elegant wood glass products with quality and affordable prices. The results will be completely beyond your expectations, we are committed to giving you extraordinary satisfaction.


We aim to be one of the manufacturers of molten glass on wood which is designed with functionality, high quality and affordable prices.

We make molten glass in wood designed with functionality in mind. We develop and manufacture high-quality, reasonably priced, unique molten glass on wood for retailers worldwide.

We strive to meet market demand and subsequently become a producer of molten glass in wood that enters the North American, Europe, Oceania and Asian Market, Our Mission is to offer good service to all our customers.

We want to create Value for our customers through uniqueness, Reliability, Integrity and Speed ​​of delivery. We care for our customers and are eager to meet their preferences and specifications.

our customers are essential to our success. We will serve our customers requests very well. It is our responsibility to choose and use materials for our products that have minimal impact on the environment.

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