Bali Handicrafts Wholesale Supplier

Bali has been known for decades as a home of great ranges of hand-crafted art products (Bali handicrafts), made of various quality materials; glass, wood, bronze, silver, ceramics etc. All these handicrafts are produced by balinese craftsmen, spread all over the island; in community compounds/ home industries which are located mostly in the remote villages. Each villages has unique talents, produces specific handicrafts, made of different materials with their own styles and character.

Those many home industries distribute their hand-crafted products to most local Bali art and gift shops which has high demands of handmade products for visitor in Bali to sell. This is the fact what makes Bali handicraft is a valuable commodity and become one of the main source of income for living. With some reasons, many local art and gift shops have been experiencing slow selling and this is hard for those home industries in distributing their hand-crafted products.

Bali Genta Visesa have been expanding the network, working with many home industries and handicraft producers in Bali, to distribute and provide Bali handicrafts wholesale and supply to wider buyers nationwide and worldwide.

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